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2018 Family Day Trip – Ha Noi Office

2018 Family Day Trip – Ha Noi Office

Event Date: 24 March 2018

Venue: Detrang Farm – Ke Moi village, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi

Organisers: RHTLaw Taylor Wessing Vietnam


Family day!!! 28th March 2005 – 28th March 2018

Our family day trip took us to Detrang Farm (White Goat Farm) this year.  The trip was enjoyable and there was something for everyone.  We have been very busy at work this year and so this break was welcome.  It was also an opportunity for our team to interact outside the office in a more social setting.

The farm is located in Ke Moi village, about two hours away from our office.  It is a working farm and is set in an idyllic location, amongst the forest, paddy fields and the foot of Ba Vi mountain.  The farm is spread across more than 12ha of land and is part of what was called the Son Tai or Doai province.  It has since 2008 been incorporated into Hanoi.

Detrang farm is also an educational farm giving urban folk the opportunity to experience what rural farm life is like.

As part of its educational function, the farm has areas where visitors may experience farm life and even touch and play with some of the farm animals.

We also had the opportunity to play some team building games like swine-catching, horse riding, fishing, pottery,…

We enjoyed participating in the team building games and it gave us the opportunity to interact with each other outside the office.

We are really looking forward to our next stop! Can you guess where our next stop is?