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This April, our RHTVN family enjoyed an exciting four-day trip to Thailand. From the lively cities of Bangkok and Pattaya to the beautiful Coral Island, we experienced the best of Thai culture and scenery.

Day 1: Arrival and Exploration of Pattaya

We started our trip with a flight from Vietnam to Bangkok, followed by lunch at a local restaurant. Then, we headed to Pattaya where we visited the Pattaya Floating Market, a unique place where shops float on water. The atmosphere was vibrant, filled with the sounds and colors of Thai culture and cuisine.

(Pattaya Floating Market)

As evening fell, we treated ourselves to traditional Thai massages—a must in Pattaya, known for its rejuvenating massage therapies that left us relaxed and ready to explore more. We ended the day with dinner at a popular local restaurant and some free time to wander and soak up Pattaya's lively nightlife. The street was lined with clubs, bars, restaurants, and live music venues. It offered everything from high-energy dance clubs to more laid-back bars where one can enjoy a drink while listening to a live band.


(Thai Tradditional Massage)

Whether you're a night owl looking to dance until dawn or a culture enthusiast eager to soak in local performances, Pattaya after dark promises not to disappoint.

Day 2: Adventure and Shows

On the second day, we took a high-speed boat to Coral Island at dawn, enjoying its beautiful beaches. The island was our perfect escape after hard working days with its white-sandy beaches and opportunities for snorkeling and swimming in the warm and inviting waters.

(Heading to the pictureque Coral Island)

Later, we visited the impressive Khao Chee Chan, also known as Buddha Mountain. This site is famous for its giant, gold-etched Buddha carved into the side of a limestone mountain. We spent time here not only admiring the artwork but also learning about the history and significance of this spiritual site to the local community.

(RHTVN at Khao Chee Chan)

In the evening, we experienced the Colosseum Show, a spectacular showcase of Thai performing arts and dazzling costumes set in a grand theater. The beauty and cultural storytelling through dance and music were breathtaking, making it a memorable highlight of our trip.

(The Colosseum Show Pattaya - one of Thailand's latest, largest and most spectacular cabaret shows)

Day 3: A Day of Discovery in Bangkok

Our third day took us back to Bangkok, starting with a visit to the Snake Farm at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, an institute specializing in the husbandry of venomous snakes where snake venom is extracted and researched to produce vaccines and medicine. Here, we had the chance to safely watch the experts handling snakes and learn about their importance in Thai culture and medicine.

(A snake form Snake Farm - Serpentarium)

We then stopped at a local eatery to have lunch where our firm had a celebration for the members who have been with the firm for a long time with the milestones of 5 years. Everyone is well-deserved to be recognized for the past years of their dedication.

(Celebrating milestone and dedicationover delicious bites)

After lunchtime, we had a chance to visit a great divine temple, namely Wat Traimit, a Theravada Buddhist temple where a massive gold statue of Buddha is enshrined there. Following that, the trip took our family to Wat Yannawa, also known as "the boat temple" because of its long history and shape-boat architecture.

(Exploring serenity and splendor at Wat Traimit, home to the stunning Golden Buddha)

Our afternoon included a scenic boat ride along the Chao Phraya River, providing us with a picturesque glance at Bangkok's skyline and waterfront landmarks. Our excitement peaked as we headed to Big C, a popular shopping mall where we indulged in some retail therapy, picking out unique Thai crafts and souvenirs—a joyous and somewhat frenzied rush as everyone found something that caught their eye.

(Capturing the essence of Bangkok's vibrant skyline and historic waterfront)

Later, we found ourselves amidst the vibrant celebration of the Songkran – a renowned water festival. The streets were alive with energy, music, and the laughter of festival-goers. We all danced and laughed as we participated in the festive water-throwing that marks the Thai New Year, which is such a great opportunity to dive into the rich and fascinating culture of Thailand!

(Splashing into Songkran with the best crew!)

The night was made even more memorable by the variety of delicious Thai street foods at the Jodd Fair, from spicy pork ribs mountain to sweet mango sticky rice, each flavor a new discovery.

(Exploring the vibrant flavours of the Jodd Fair: From the fiery delight of spicy pork ribs to the sweet charm of mango sticky rice)

Day 4: Farewells and Final Memories

After an energetic and lively final night participating in the Songkran festivities, our last morning in Thailand allowed for some much-needed rest. And before our departure, we did not forget to do a bit more shopping. With bags packed full of souvenirs and hearts full of new memories, we left Thailand feeling more united as a team.

This trip was not just about seeing new places but also about strengthening our team's bond through shared experiences and discoveries. We returned with not only souvenirs but also cherished memories and a refreshed, unified spirit, ready to bring our renewed energy and teamwork into our practice at RHTVN.

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