Advising on structuring and restructuring of companies.

Carrying out due diligence investigations and preparing due diligence reports.

Negotiating and drafting various types of transactional documents such as contracts for equity interest assignment, share subscription contracts and others.

Carrying out M&A-related licensing procedures.

Advising on hostile takeover and defensive strategies against hostile takeover:

  • Assessing the target company’s vulnerability to an hostile takeover
  • Anticipating the target company's likely defensive strategies and the compliance with laws and other corporate documents
  • Advising on preventive actions detering potential buyers and counteractions undertaken upon receipt of takeover bids
  • Drafting or revising charters, shareholders agreements, partnership agreements and other corporate documents
  • Cooperating with financial advisers in reviewing, assessing and advising on takeover bids and financing packages proposed by bidders as well as the target company’s debt capital structure for any required refinancing of the target company's public and/or private debt in order to successfully implement the defensive strategies